Our history

The history of our company began in 2002, when the order of Ukravtodor from 14.02.2002 № 52 to ensure quality control in the construction, repair and maintenance of roads and man-made structures, expansion and deepening of the regulatory framework, improving the quality of road construction materials, development and implementation of systems management of quality, information technology, development and production of equipment for quality control in the road industry was established state enterprise "State Scientific and Technical Center for Quality Inspection and Certification of Road Products" (SSTC "Doryakist").

During its almost twenty-year history, due to various reasons, the company has changed its name three times



Renamed into the State Enterprise “Center for Scientific and Technical Support of Road Works and Certification of Road Products” (SE “Dorcentr”), order of SE "Ukravtodor" dated 16.01.2013 № 7.



Renamed into the State Enterprise “Scientific and Technical Center“ Road Quality Control ”(SE“ Road Quality Control ”), order of SE "Ukravtodor" dated 26.06.2017 № 254.



Renamed into the State Enterprise "Road Scientific and Technical Center" (SE "Dorcentr"), the order of SE "Ukravtodor" from 22.09.2020 № 388/100.

Our target

The purpose of our activities today is to improve the quality of design, road construction works and materials, to improve the operational condition of roads and artificial structures on them, increase road safety, expand and deepen the regulatory framework for quality assurance, development and implementation of information technology, development design documentation and production of devices and equipment, provision of consulting and engineering services.

The motto of Dorcentr is not to stop at what has been achieved, but to constantly develop and improve.

Today we have a developed material and technical base, an updated and modern test center, as well as qualified staff, which allows us to provide quality and prompt services for monitoring the quality of road works, diagnostics and assessment of the operational condition of roads and more.

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