State Enterprise "Road Scientific and Technical Center"

SE «Dorcenter»

SE «Dorcenter»

Qualitative and objective result of laboratory tests

We understand better than anyone that it is necessary to invest in updating the material and technical base of the enterprise to ensure the provision of quality services for monitoring road works.

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About Us

The State Enterprise “Road Scientific and Technical Center” (SE “Dorcentr”) belongs to the management of the State Agency of Motor Roads of Ukraine.

The company has a test center for road construction materials in Kyiv and a certified stationary laboratory in Kharkiv, which operate in accordance with DSTU ISO 17025, and a Voluntary Certification Body, which is independent of the developer of regulatory documentation, customer, manufacturer and supplier of products.

Dorcentr is equipped with the most modern testing and measuring equipment for monitoring the quality of road construction works, assessing the quality of materials used and diagnosing the condition of roads.



Of these, 17 certified technical supervision engineers, 8 consulting engineers and 1 expert in technical inspection of buildings and structures.



Of these, 7 main production departments and 4 separate - in Kharkov, Odessa, Vinnytsia and Lutsk



For operative performance of production tasks the enterprise is completely completed with transport. There are 48 vehicles, 13 of which are equipped as mobile specialized.

Main activities


Monitoring the quality of execution of repair and construction works and works on maintenance of roads and man-made structures


Laboratory tests of road construction materials and assessment of their compliance with regulatory, technical and design requirements


Certification of road products and certification of productions


Measurement of road performance


Technical inspection and certification of man-made structures


Quality Score for traffic management


Advanced training for road professionals

Modern mobile complexes

To assess the quality of traffic management equipment is designed to determine the retroreflective properties of road signs; the thickness of the protective layer and the geometric parameters of the barrier fence; measuring the quality of road lighting and the quality of noise protection screens; certification of marking machines

For engineering and survey works and measurements of quality indicators and assessment of load-bearing capacity of structural layers of pavement

To diagnose and assess the transport and operational condition of roads

To assess the equality of structural layers of pavement according to the international index IRI.


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