Universal test press Matest s205

Designed for testing building materials for compression / bending (with a load limit of 50kN)

Laboratory mixer Silverson

It has a wide range of applications: mixing, emulsification, homogenization, disintegration and dissolution.

Viscometer lamy rheology rt-1 plus

It is intended for determination of dynamic viscosity and equiviscous temperatures of bituminous binder at preparation and consolidation of asphalt concrete mix.

Dynamic shear rheometer (RDS RHEOTEST RN 5.3)

It is used to assess the quality of bituminous materials for the resistance of asphalt concrete to the formation of tracks and fatigue cracks

R&B (Ring and ball)

The device is semi-automatic, designed to determine the softening temperature of petroleum bitumen.

Servo-hydraulic system of dynamic tests

Used for dynamic tensile and compressive testing of a wide range of materials such as asphalt, soil, unbound materials, fibers and plastics

Roller sealant B039 (sector press, roller compactor)

Roller compactor B039 is used for modeling in the laboratory of real conditions of compaction of asphalt mixture with a road roller.

Gyrator seal GALILEO Research

Preparation of asphalt concrete samples of a given height and a given density for further testing of their mechanical properties.

Two-wheeled tracker DWT Universal

Used to determine the susceptibility of hot asphalt (HMA) to deformation under load by measuring the depth of the track formed by repeated passes of the loaded wheel at a fixed temperature.

Лабораторний змішувач для асфальтобетону Pavemix

Використовується для приготування асфальтобетонних сумішей в лабораторних умовах.


Designed to determine the viscosity of petroleum road bitumen and other petroleum products by the method of determining the depth of penetration of the needle into the test sample.

RTFO (Rolling thin-film oven)

Used to determine the effect of heat and air on the moving film of semi-solid bituminous materials.

Furnace of long-term aging of bitumen (PAV + VDO set)

Used to simulate long-term aging of the binder in the pavement for 5-10 years.

Proceq GP8000 short-range scanner

In the form of a portable broadband scanner is an effective imaging system for the inspection of reinforced concrete structures.

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