We are working for the result!

The main activity of Dorcentr is to monitor the quality of road works at construction, reconstruction and repair of roads in Ukraine, an integral part of which is the selection and testing of road construction materials.

We understand better than anyone that it is necessary to invest in updating the material and technical base of the enterprise to ensure the provision of quality services for monitoring road works.

For high-quality and fast laboratory tests, our company is constantly updating the composition of its laboratory equipment. But to obtain a high-quality and objective result of laboratory tests, not only the latest devices and equipment are needed, but also comfortable working conditions for employees.

That is why to ensure comfortable and normal working conditions for the staff of our test center, it was repaired and restored. Today the grand opening of the renovated test center of Dorcentre was held.

Congratulations to our laboratory assistants and we wish you success, strength and inspiration in your work !!!

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